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Msg  91067 of 224082  at  4/12/2012 10:30:00 AM  by


EIA Nat Gas

Z  . . .  I think  he last said  +29   --   please correct me if I'm wrong
Robry  +11 (as of this morning)
POLL-U.S. natgas stocks seen up 25 bcf in weekly EIAs
By Joe Silha NEW YORK, April 11 (Reuters)
* Injection estimates range from 15 bcf to 41 bcf

* Median build in Reuters poll 22 bcf

The following is a partial list of forecasters in this week's survey. If forecasters gave a range, the midpoint was used. Numbers in billion cubic feet (bcf).

Canaccord Genuity + 28

CH Guernsey + 41

Citigroup + 20

Ecova + 28

Energy Mgmt Institute + 25

enerjay LLC + 22

FirstEnergy + 15

First Enercast + 19

Gelber & Associates + 24

IAF Advisors + 19

INTL Hencorp + 31

JPMorgan + 20

Macquarie + 16

PFGBest + 38

Prestige Economics + 24

SMC Forecasting + 40

Societe Generale + 15

Stephen Smith Energy + 22

Strategic Energy + 20

Summit Energy + 36

Thomson Reuters Analytics + 19

Tradition Energy + 20

U.S. natural gas inventories are expected to have gained 25 billion cubic feet last week, a Reuters poll of industry traders and analysts showed on Wednesday.

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Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report

Released: April 12, 2012 at 10:30 a.m. (eastern time) for the Week Ending April 6, 2012.
Next Release: April 19, 2012
Working Gas in Underground Storage, Lower 48
Region Stocks in billion cubic feet (Bcf) Historical Comparisons
04/06/12 03/30/12 Change Year Ago (04/06/11) 5-Year (2007-2011) Average
Stocks (Bcf) % Change Stocks (Bcf) % Change


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