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Re: Utica shale Carrol county Ohio , CHK rigs-Knox County

I'm in Western Knox county. Between my Dad and I (next door) we have about 90 acres. Here is what I know.... Eastern Knox has lots of existing wells and I guess much of it is HBP. Not so, here in Western Knox county. Very few wells or active leases because we apparently dont have much of the Clinton gas.

Currently, Leasing activity is beginning to increase. The is an ad in the local paper which says local driller looking for unleased acerage. The ad doesn't say who the company is.

We have been approached by two smaller Ohio companies, David Hill and Knox Energy. They both were looking to sign up land for $10-15/acre. I think they were trying to get some cheap leases to flip. I made sure that they know that I know about the Utica shale. They never came back. Just as well. I would rather wait and see what happens rather than leasing for $15.

I think things will pick up around here if they are able to de-risk the area with some test holes. Not sure if/when that may happen.

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