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Msg  35331 of 37889  at  1/10/2017 5:58:45 PM  by


Is there another way to look at this?

Across the (TV) crawler.  (no links)
Smoking is causing 6 million death annually.
By 2030, smoking will cause 8 million deaths annually.
Some number of these are cancer.  30% of cancer deaths are smoking related. 
What effort is being made to ban this cancer causing substance from increasing its toll on health care costs costing us all?
If there were a dedicated effort to curtail cancer, it seems a tobacco ban would be an obvious place to begin to reduce cancer in the population.
It would not be the first time a ban on a substance not favored by society, government and industry was imposed.  (lasting decades)  Tobacco, that is proven to cause cancer directly and generates crippling costs annually, is allowed to continue to manufacture and sell world wide, suggests the cancer/tobacco use connection is not a priority concern of the regulatory authorities said to be committed to beating cancer.  Not a peep out of them recently, along the lines of doing something about it by regulation.  More along the thin line; just say no on the back of a pack you have already purchased.
Why is this abuse allowed to continue at a knowingly profound and increasing rate world wide?
Why would anyone think observing this ignorance, that it is the mission of these entities to do anything about cancer. 
The opportunity to significantly reduce this proven tobacco cause/cancer effect, is perpetually, curiously ignored.

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