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Msg  99855 of 730362  at  8/2/2007 9:40:34 AM  by


summary on clarissamehitable AKA Nancy Hughes AKA wife of Rambus CEO posting here @IV Board

I've posted a series of links and cross-references to some of what I consider the most interesting of her posts and sayings. A short summary below, you can track the links themselves by going to my actual posts from today:
clarissamehitable complains about paying tax to IRS and getting no cash in HER account!
on clarissamehitable qualifications and what she said here
clarissamehitable takes aim at johndowd, says Hughes does not owe him an apology
clarissamehitable likens shareholders to bashers, tells them they make their own bed...
clarissamehitable thinks management influenced by their dislike of longs messages here
Re: The Kelly Brothers
clarissamehitable predicts a revenue surprise
clarissamehitable explains how licensing was taken out of Danforth's department
clarissamehitable says no settlements talks are taking place and no settlements are imminent
clarissamehitable wonders about others' secret identity
clarissamehitable //I don't work for Rambus//she says
clarissamehitable gives details of her opinion of XDR and the Qimonda license with Rambus
also did not link numerous posts where she defends the options' granting schemes, obviously a self-serving reference to a lucrative scheme that enriches her personally. I did agree where she said that Harold Hughes personally was behaving better in the utilization of the option grants than others.

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99858 clarissamehitable posting/ who gives a rat's ass getupthereboy 0 8/2/2007 9:43:00 AM

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