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How to Load a Revolutionary War Musket

I vote 1 for every american. 

How to Load a Revolutionary War Musket


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The best soldiers during the Revolutionary War could load and fire a musket three times per minute.

Revolutionary war muskets were loaded with gun powder to launch musket balls when fired. Some soldiers carried gun powder in little paper packets known as cartridges that were pre-measured to supply the right amount of powder and a musket ball for a single shot, which was to make firing in battle more efficient. When hunting, or soldiers who preferred to carry their gun powder in a powder horn or flask, the gun powder was measured with a measuring tool or eyeballed when the shooter was in a hurry or experienced at firing.


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      Pull back on the firing striker so it is in the half-cocked position, exposing the flash pan where the flint spark ignites the shot. Pour a little gun powder directly into the flash pan, then return the striker to the start position, closing the flash pan.

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      Turn the musket so the barrel is pointing up and the butt of the rifle is resting on the ground for support while loading. Pour the remaining powder from the measurement or cartridge into the end of the musket.

  • Put a minie ball, a musket ball, into the end of the musket barrel. Place the paper from the cartridge, or the wadding cloth, in the barrel as well.

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    Pull the rammer, or ramrod, from the insert on the musket. Line up the rammer with the barrel opening and push the rod into the barrel, jamming the minie ball and wadding all down into the musket and packing it in. Return the rammer to its spot on the musket and the weapon is read to fire.

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