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Re: Amylin and Takeda Discontinue Development of Pramlintide/Metreleptin Combination Treatment for Obesity

 well, I am disappointed too, but I guess it makes sense.  If you already have a tx that could be available in the US soon that is once weekly for diabetes and the same drug looking good as a once monthly therapy, maybe they feel confident they can come up with a better super long acting drug in the not too distant future, that may have exenatide, pramlintide, metroleptin, and another drug all mixed in one or some combination thereof that could last once weekly or longer and be safe and very effective.   And maybe a better deal w/ Takeda or other company, or go it alone by then.
....anyway, looks like that news was leaked, but that combo drug for obesity was not coming to market anytime soon.  If they can still get metreleptin to market soon, and those obesity clinics or other physicians find out about it and Symlin already on the market, Amylin better come up with some advertisements to protect themselves v. the FDA, saying, "this drug may cause a side effect of weight loss, but we in no way are advocating it for such indication" - you can put the good news out there in a legal positive way with full disclosure.

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