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Msg  447913 of 553323  at  6/24/2012 12:10:13 PM  by


 In response to msg 447884 by  Black Blade
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Re: Feral Negro attacks Caucasian . . .

Black Blade, your posts from Wyoming & North Dakota are wonderful.  

You show what is happening in the plays,
and photos and descriptions are great.  
Your informative analysis of the oil NG situation is also worthy.  
So why oh why do you feel it necessary to indulge such racism?   

``Feral" Negro attacks Caucasian?  

You seem to revel in the biological meaning of the adjectival term ``feral", 
which connotes a domesticated animal that has escaped captivity
and returned to the wild.  Your repeated use of ``feral" on this board
to describe black people who commit crimes is permeated with 
the assumption that black people are animals.  
Animals who adhere to the norms of civilized society only when they are 
domesticated, i.e., in slavery.  Is this what you mean to say?  
If this is what you truly believe, may god have mercy on your soul.   
You are indulging in gross, inappropriate stereotyping of all Black people.  
I guess there are no other Black people on this board. 
That apparent fact abets your bias,
but does not make it any more valid.  
Yours in Negritude, 

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