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Msg  433815 of 557268  at  4/4/2012 3:18:58 PM  by


Obama sending out anti-oil mass e-mails


Friend --

Guess how giant oil companies are spending their record profits right now.

Lowering prices for consumers? Nope. Supporting the transition to a clean energy future? No way.

They and their allies are trashing President Obama -- and spending $3 million on TV ads to do it.

Why? Because, unlike Mitt Romney, President Obama is proposing to end their taxpayer giveaways.

You see, every year, Congress gives oil companies about $4 billion in taxpayer dollars despite their massive profits and terrible environmental record. Romney not only supports the billions in tax breaks these companies get, he's also in lockstep with their attacks on President Obama for investing in clean energy, and their criticism of mileage standards that will help families save thousands at the pump -- two policies that directly reduce demand for oil.

If you want to stop your tax dollars from subsidizing oil companies, stand up and say so.

The big oil companies have a three-part strategy: make as much as they can off Americans at the pumps; hire lobbyists and donate millions to politicians to secure giveaways of taxpayer dollars to inflate profits even more; and lobby against policies that promote clean energy innovation to perpetuate our addiction to oil and keep it all going as long as possible.

For them, this election is a simple business calculation -- Mitt Romney has their back and will maintain the status quo.

These special interests have a lot at stake and are willing to spend big to support groups that are pushing false attacks against President Obama in order to maintain their privileged position. That's what their new ad campaign is about.

We're hitting back hard, responding directly to these attacks with an ad of our own, and reminding voters exactly who's behind this negative advertising and what it is they want. (You can watch it here.)

Right now our best line of defense is the grassroots campaign we're all building. If you're ready to push back, start here, right now:


Thanks -- stay tuned.


Jim Messina
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

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