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Microwave Ablation; being used in Europe for Thyroid nodular goiter

A post from Yahoo! BSD m/b by bluechiptool.

Microwave Ablation; being used in Europe for Thyroid nodular goiter

FRANKFURT, Germany, April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Hudayi Korkusuz, a radiologist at the Department of Nuclear Medicine, has conducted the first combination treatment of microwave ablation and radiotherapy.
Annually in Germany, about 100,000 thyroid operations are performed. In many cases, treatment of nodular goiter has had mixed results from hot and cold thyroid. A hot thyroid nodule is a benign tumor that can be treated with the established radiotherapy. Cold nodes can be malignant and are so far removed surgically. In August 2012, the University Hospital in Frankfurt, Department of Nuclear Medicine (Director: Prof. Dr. Frank Grunwald) performed for the first time a microwave ablation of thyroid nodule on a patient in Europe. Since then, the microwave therapy in Frankfurt has been established. Now the world's first hospital has treated a patient with hot and cold thyroid nodules by the combined use of radioiodine therapy and microwave ablation. Compared to the usual procedures, the new combination therapy for patients is much safer and more comfortable.
Combination of two sound treatment methods
The microwave ablation of the cold node followed by radioactive iodine treatment of the hot node was for the first time this year performed on a 52-year-old patient. For both procedures, no surgery was needed. With microwave ablation, treatment was performed under local anesthesia; a probe is passed through the skin to position the antenna in the node. Its purpose is to apply microwaves directly on the thyroid nodules. The diseased cells are heated by the waves, and the treated thyroid tissue is then metabolized by the body. The thyroid nodule is reduced to smaller size in no time. Using real-time images from an ultrasonic device, the ablation process is monitored and controlled at all times. The duration of treatment depends on size and number of thyroid nodules and normally requires between 10 (ten) and 15 minutes. The microwave treatment is an outpatient procedure usually. Since the treatment is with a thin needle, the cosmetic result is excellent. For the subsequent treatment of the patient's hot node, radioactive iodine in the form of a capsule was administered. The rays cause cell death in the tumor. The node is removed without damaging surrounding tissue. The treatment is very safe and well tolerated. For combination therapy, a hospital stay of a few days is sufficient

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