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Msg  756 of 5533  at  3/19/2012 7:59:08 PM  by


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Re: C'mon already, give me my #$%& shares!

 The Cowboy MM'a on Pinkies, will of course, lean to what the exchange rate is, USD vis NOK.
That said, Pinkies is a Jungle, but, as we all know, has to abide by, and shadow, that of OSE, even though, NADTF is on OTC on OSE.
 I've traded much wurse stoks on Pinkies and OTC:BB in US. Not any more, to much hazzel and Work, better leave workd to Windows LOL
IF, you wish to buy, put the order somewhat in excess of Ask. The MM's on Pinkies or OTCBB, does not earn commission; they make their living, on the Spread...... So, what is a couple of cents, IF, U do believe in wheat you are investing in.

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