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Msg  14682 of 25993  at  3/31/2012 5:46:31 PM  by


 In response to msg 14671 by  HaroldTowes
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Re: TGIF-Married 40 Years Joke....

Hey Harold. I heard one similar.

A guy at the local lumber mill got too close to the main saw blade and got his penis cut off. It was mangled and couldn't be replaced. The doctor told him he had a couple choices. A baby died at birth and his penis could be attached but because the man was already grown up, the penis would not grow to normal size. The second option was that a baby elephant at the local zoo had died and they could attach his trunk for a penis. Naturally the guy chose the elephant trunk. When he got home, he didn't know how to break the news to his wife. When they were about to eat supper, he decided he should show her what had happened. He dropped his drawers. The elephant trunk flung out, reached across the table, grabbed a bun and swung back between the guys legs. With a funny look on his face he quickly pulled his pants up. His wife got quite excited and asked to see it again. He said, " not right now Hon. Wait until after supper. I don't think I can handle another bun being shoved up mu butt."

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