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Need Help with downloading K-1s for TurboTax

  I am trying to download K-1s from the MLPs websites and am confused about the instructions I see on the screen. 
The instructions for download say:----

Instructions for Exporting Schedule K-1 to

When the OK button is clicked, a file download window will appear to save your
file. Assign a unique name to each Schedule K-1 that you export and attach the
extension TXF (Tax Exchange Format).

When importing to TurboTax, go to the "Business Investments
(Schedules K-1 and Q)" item in the "Business Income and Expense"
section. Choose File -
Import - From Accounting Software - Other Financial Software
(TXF file), browse for your file, select the file, and follow the remaining
windows to complete your import of your Schedule K-1.

When I click the OK button the file is downloaded (and appears in a  download screen), but I can't seem to find the step where I can save it with a given file name (plus the ext.TXF, as per instructions) and save it in a particular directory.     If I try to open the file it asks me with what application do I want to open it, and I am stuck at that point.
Can someone help?

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