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Msg  290 of 409  at  1/29/2010 2:28:25 PM  by


The following message was updated on 1/29/2010 2:28:25 PM.

BakkenShale Formation Websites for Investors

I just spent another long week trying to get myself “up to speed” on the Bakken Shale Formation after HESS’ 01/27/2010 4Q2009 earnings conference call in which a lot of the Q&A session was devoted to Bakken Shale questions. see


In the course of web surfing I found Bruce Oksol’s Blog that IMHO is a must for any serious Bakken Shale investor. see or for his profile and a general description of his blog site   


Be sure to check out his FAQ @  Under FAQ 12. What is the "IP"?  He had this nice little “gem” about Initial Production figures posted by Bakken Shale "Players".  


Here's another great discussion on IPs: for the same well, NOG (a partner) reports an IP of 1,998, while Hess (the producer/operator) reports an IP of 570. That's a huge spread. Looking at the monthly production, it is obvious that Hess reported the initial 10-day average whereas NOG reported the first day's production, or even possibly the first hour and then multiplied by 24. Hess is an established company and one well has minimal impact on its overall operations; NOG is a small company (one could argue it's a penny stock out of Denver) and one big well can greatly influence investors..


Below are 3 websites that should be checked out periodically.  by bakkenexpert was posted in OreMech msg # 27  on 9/19/09  Trade Magazine for the AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists)  January Issue of The Oil and Gas Journal


FWIW, below are another 3 websites that have a lot of old but informative oil shale facts and data.     


'A VERY BIG PLAY' - Report: Oil Shale Offers Promise, Pitfalls - An even-handed report finds oil shale could bring environmental and social costs - and a whole lot of oil. By David Frey, 6-15-09


For an interesting Oil Shale History Lesson to see how much things have changed in just 4 years see.  

Oil Shale Problems - Article about oil shale - problems extracting it and its low energy content mean shale oil will do little to reduce US oil shortages. Grinning Planet publish date: 13-DEC-2005


Royal Dutch Shell, gadfly, Alfred Donovan’s Blog @


Good Luck and Good Investing. HLW3333 01/29/2010

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