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Tips for Premium Members still having trouble accessing or submitting the BATS Exchange Agreement:
* Try a different browser

* Try a different device
Anyone on an Apple product, such as an iPad or Mac: if possible (and I understand this idea may be anathema to many of you!), see if you can login from a PC or at least from a browser other than Safari.  For whatever reason, there appear to be a number of incompatibility issues with Apple products and we have not worked through all of these at this time. 
Anyone else, if possible, please try switching browsers and/or devices.  Again, for whatever reason, it would appear that members are having the most success accessing and submitting the agreement from PCs running Internet Explorer (and trust me, I'm not a big fan either, but sometimes you have to go with what works and this seems to be working).


New Premium Member Tools Coming Soon

- customizable scrolling ticker
- watch lists

To be offered on an opt-in basis, at no additional charge, with real-time quotes for Premium Members who have signed the BATS Exchange Agreement. 

Please let us know if you are interested, as this will help us budget accordingly.

Send questions or comments via PM to Admin, or email:


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